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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
One question I've had on Interference in a non-checking league has to be with guarding the front of the net. I'm still new to playing hockey, having only started the first of the year, and our team is comprised completely of adult newbies has been playing exhibition games against other C and D league teams.

Since I can't check a guy out of there, I've been resorting to just focusing on the forwards stick, and am constantly hitting it, lifting it, sticking it between my legs, even managed to get one guy to have it tangled in the net. All of this is while the puck is nowhere near the front of the net. It's gotten guys off their game, and I'm constantly getting chirped about it. I was under the impression it was legal, I just wanted to make sure.

I've also had guys get called for crease violations because they get into the crease, I set up just outside the crease start messing with their stick, hold my ground, and they get called. I don't try and hold them in there if they want to vacate it on their own, but usually they're so busy trying to get their stick back on the ice, or trying to make their stick dodge my fencing moves, they forget where they are.
Playing the stick is pretty much the best thing you can do aslong as you aren't "holding" it obviously. I play in non contact also but am still allowed to move guys out of the goalies view if they are right by the crease, do it as much as I can with no calls.

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