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04-28-2010, 11:19 PM
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I am weighing in here...

Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
I also mentioned that Graf is a bottomfeeder, which it is.
Please explain this derogatory term. Are you claiming that they sell only to the bottom of the marketplace? What are you trying to say?

Graf has an extremely low marketshare in North America at the retail and pro level, which is also true.
As I mentioned above, so what? Apple Computer, Rolls Royce and Mercedes have low market share - perhaps like Graf they do not seek to be the highest volume seller, aka a Volkswagon? Are these brands "bottomfeeders" as well?

I lastly mentioned that even some refs, which have been known in the past to wear Graf are switching to different brands. Again, no promotion of Bauer here.
This statement was made without evidence.

Third post, I mentioned that Bauer was the industry leader in innovation as a point to say that any retailer would be foolish to drop the most popular, most innovative skate line on the market.
As the other poster said, this statement makes you sound like Bauer employee, its "marketing speak", and without evidence, is just hot air...

I also discounted that Grafs are a "performance skate," because they aren't.
Is that true because YOU said so? Maybe you ARE trying to negatively impact their sales

How you can make this claim, given that many pros wear their skates, and the level of respect the firm has from many people who have worn them for years - and can afford any skate out there - is just absurd.

Then my fourth post I state some of the innovations you seem to refuse exist, including innovations from Easton, CCM and stating that Kor was on the same level as Bauer. I also mentioned that there was nothing wrong with a Graf-type of product, the issue is in their QC and CS.
Which even a cursory web search will show has been cleared up several years ago. Unlike some companies who will try to obfuscate their errors, Graf owned up to having some CS issues - and fixed them.

The most respected ice hockey equipment store here in Manhattan, Westside Skate - sells Grafs, not Bauer, Reebok, etc. With 8 million people here, and thousands of ice hockey players, I'd imagine that if they couldn't do well selling them, and needed to carry other brands due to demand, then they'd carry them. But they don't.

As far as "slamming Graf." If a company is known to screw over customers by not honoring their warranties on defective products they deserve to be "slammed" when someone asks about information about the company.
This is a libelous statement, and I would suggest you do not make such statements in the future, you are jeopardizing the board which can be sued for retaining posts like this...

Normally, I avoid silly arguments like this on the forum, as I'm here to enjoy a friendly conversation, and learn from the people here - most of whom know much more than me. But your heavy-handed comments required a response, and I think some of your Bauer comments sounded like promotional pap.

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