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Originally Posted by j12 View Post
I've been thinking of getting into coaching, preferably at the A, AA, AAA level, for the 2011-2012 season (since most staffs for 10-11 are already set). I now live in Toronto, so I have no connections to get in with anyone who already has a team (I played my AAA hockey back in Welland, where I've been offered opportunities to coach, but it's too far from where I live now). I intend on getting my coaching certificate this year should I be able to find a way to get in with a team. Obviously it's difficult if you don't know anyone, but I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience getting involved in a GTHL team, or if anyone coaches a GTHL team and would be interested in help, or knows someone who does?

A bit of a hockey background about me: I was a AAA player growing up and would have done more if not for shattering my forearm in my OHL draft year. My own AAA team was high calibre (NHLers, AHLers, NCAA, OHLers, CIS, etc...) and I played summer hockey with elite teams in Toronto. So I've played under a lot of good coaches who have helped produce great talent, so I know how to run a good practice for players who are there to get better (hence my interest in A through AAA and not house league) and I know a lot about systems, training, etc. Coaching is something I always thought I would do eventually, only now that I'm done my schooling am I able to pursue it.

If anyone has any ideas/experience let me know (or feel free to PM me). Thanks!
Best way is to put together a hockey resume, send it out to the GM's, you can find their email addresses on the GTHL website, tell them you want to help out this year, 2010-2011, there are always 1 or 2 spots, etc, and then you will have your foot in the door for 2011-2012.

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