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75th World Ice Hockey Championship 2011, Bratislava and Košice,365 days and counting

75th World Ice Hockey Championship 2011

Bratislava and Košice
29th April- 15th May 2011


GOOLY is the winner! (and gets new image too, thank God)

Candidature video

-19.05.2006 at 16:10- René Fasel announces that Slovakia will host the 2011 IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship, having won 70 of the 114 votes.
-04.04.2007- SZĽH announces that new arena will be built in Petržalka on right bank of the Danube river and Prístavný bridge with a capacity of 12 000 and sheduled to open in August or September 2010
-03.10.2007- Arena in Bratislava might also be built nearby Nepela rink in Tehelné pole area
-31.01.2008- Vladimír Bajan, chairman of the Bratislava selfgovernment proposes arena for 2011 WHC in Petržalka
-06.03.2008- Town MP´s in Bratislava decide that the arena for the WHC should be built at the place of current basic chool on Kalinčiakova Street
-27.08.2008- it was decided that the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium will be rebuilt for the WHC 2011, paid by the state
-23.04.2009- the rebuilding of the Ondrej Nepela officially started
-15.05.2009- according to NMS agenture survey on 355 respondents 88% know that Slovakia will organize the WHC 2011, but 60% of the have doubts whether the roganization will be good, 49% of respondents agrees with the 2011 WHC, 39% more agree, 10% think that the championship will be a flop for the organizators and 28% believe that the organozation will be good
-11.06.2009 - first meeting with Infront Sports, IIHF´s marketing partner
-12.08.2009- second meeting with Infront Sports
-30.11.2009- building of trainign rink in Košice launched
-25.03.2010- 400 days to World Championship
-06.04.2010- The mascot- a wolf of the WHC is publicized, fans get the opportunity to choos the name
-23.04.2010- Slovenia promotes from Division I and will play in Slovakia 2011
-23.04.2010- 5 finalists for the name for the mascot are known: Gazda, Gerly, Gooly, Speedy, Wulfy
-25.04.2010- Austria promotes from Division I and will play in Slovakia 2011
-29.04.2010- A year to the 2011 World Ice Hockey Championship in Slovakia, the name of the mascot will be known, countdown will be started in the evening by Hotel Carlton on Hviezdoslav square in Bratislava and on Main Street in Košice


Štadión Ladislava Trojáka/Ladislav Trojak Stadium
Arena capacity: 8 378
Built in: 2006




Training rink visualization:

Current state:

Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu/Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium
Cost: 63 million EURO
Arena capacity: 10 000 (8 026 before reconstruction)
Built in: reconstruction started on April 23rd 2009, expected end November 30th 2010 (February 28th with training rinks)


Before reconstruction:

Current state:

NOTE: Most of the arena pictures are from skyscrapercity forum, visit their 2011 World Championship in Slovakia topic here to follow the progress on the arenas.

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