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04-29-2010, 12:10 PM
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Anyway I'll leave the discussion there as I don't want to get further sucked into a juvenile HF boards brand wars, just not happy seeing blatant brand bashing going unchecked on a public forum.
If you looked around a bit you'd see nothing said here hasn't been said many times over on various other sites by countless other people. You want to know the real deal when it comes to hockey equipment, head to There are some truly shocking stories about Graf from both the customer and retailer side.

FWIW, I wear Eastons and love em. I know not everyone does and I certainly don't get defensive when someone has something bad to say about them. Now if I asked about the skate and multiple people told me there were issues with it or the company standing behind it, I would most certainly listen. Maybe it wouldn't stop me from buying them, but at least I was was made aware of it.

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