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04-29-2010, 12:45 PM
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I've experienced both sides of Graf's quality. The 705s with Tuuk holders I wore for 5 full seasons, they were rock solid as I estimate I skated 70-80x per season each year.

Sometime during that fifth season, they felt different like they were off a bit - was likely just wear and tear but even a new pair felt not quite right. It ended up turning out on top of whatever it is my feet were doing, one of them ended up being a half size smaller.

After several fittings, I moved to a 704 which was fine for awhile, then tortured my arches in the second year - eventually I ended up Vapor XXX for one season (which wreaked havoc with a muscle on the outside of my calf on the side with the smaller foot), then Graf 735s the next and I started noticing after a couple skates I could feel the screws underneath the sole -- took the soles out and my skates had no rivets to hold the screws - not to mention they were longer screws than what should've been used.

Needless to say I've been a frequent visitor to my LHS over the years. I really tried to make it work with Grafs, but just couldn't. I've finally found the skate that gives me the least problems and its a One95.

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