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04-29-2010, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
If the Team Canada gloves are what I tihnk they are, then they're just an SMU glove, very low quality and offers very poor protection, just for looks basically. Assuming you have the cash I think we can narrow it down to the XXV and the Supreme.

It depends on what kind of fit you like in your glvoes. The Supreme offers a more 'anatomically correct' fit, meaning that your fingers/hand will be snug, but you will still have good mobility. The Vapor line offers a 'tapered' fit, meaning that the fingers will be snug, but the hand/palm area will be roomier, with greater mobility.
Can we please get rid of this myth? Roomier gloves don't mean greater mobility. They're just roomier, and provide a different feel. Supremes and Vapors both have quite a bit of mobility, at least at the top level. Lower end gloves typically have less mobility. Supremes are designed to be a very mobile glove, but the fit is not for everybody. Especially those who are used to a traditional fit.

Im taking an Economics course atm, and I would like to learn more about it, so could you elaborate on that please?
It means that you get less and less of an increase in benefit the more you pay for an item. For the say, $100 increase in price, you won't get nearly as much a difference as $100 will buy you going from the bottom level to a low medium level item.

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