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09-29-2003, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Mighty Duck
OK with most of this, but may I add that Henry will be there and maybe Pettinger. I know Semin and Gordon have great skill and upside, but you can't get to small as a team. We need the big guys as well, Peat and/or Henry can't do the fighting by themselves.

Gordon goes to Portland and Maybe Semin spends another year in Russia. He must learn some english. Also, Fortin will go to Portland on conditoning stint only if he agrees to it, or he could tell the Caps to put him on waivers. He doesn't have to report to Portland if they don't put him on waivers. Yonkman would have to go as he doesn't have to clear to be sent down.
The Capitals had the largest roster in the NHL last season. They can afford to get a little smaller. Besides Pettinger and Gordon are the same size. Semin is the only guy that is under 200 lbs. But geez, Jagr is 6-3
230, Zubrus 6-4 225, Lang 6-3 220, Bondra 6-0 200, Grier 6-1 227, Kono
6-1 220. Nylander is the only guy out of the top 9 forwards under 200lbs.
They can afford to keep Semin. As I posted I think its possible that Pettinger stays instead of Gordon and I think that is a toss up. But I see no point in keeping both Peat and Henry. The Caps won't dress both at the same time. Neither Peat or Henry do anything but skate the occasional fighter shift. Neither can skate a regular shift much less take a role on the pp or pk. On the other hand, Semin from all reports is holding his own with the big boys and bringing real skill and real application of that skill. Charged the net strong enough to knock Fluery on his can against Pittsburgh. The Caps made an investment by signing him and bringing him to camp. It was pretty clear that if Semin showed that he could keep up, he would get the roster spot that they had in mind for Sykora. I think from the evidence and the words of the management, coaching staff and teammates that Semin has gone beyond keeping up to being a credible force on the ice. He is getting scoring chances in bunches. He is not afraid to shoot the puck and is getting shots on goal...7 in two games. I have not seen the first indication from anyone involved that the Caps are anything short of sincerely impressed. Its my conclusion that unless things change, he will make the team. That he will play first line with Jagr and Nylander
and will get 2nd unit power play time. It may be just a 15 game experiment, but I think the Caps see a chance to have an advantage. A chance to give Jagr a quality closer that sees the ice well enough to passes thru to Jagr as well. A guy that could get Jagr going how everyone wants to see Jagr get going. IF he is not ready he goes back to russia and Miller is back on the first line. I think with that choice the Caps are more than willing to give the kid a shot.

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