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04-29-2010, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
Of the teams remaining in the playoffs, name their "tough guy," and I don't mean someone like Travis Moen that can fight when needed, but also kills penalties and can play a shutdown role.

Detroit? Nope.
Chicago? Nope.
San Jose? Nope.
Vancouver? Hordichuk, maybe...but he's scratched more often than not and isn't a terrible hockey player, when he does play.

Montreal? Nope
Pittsburgh? Eric Godard. So far that's one.
Philly? Nope.
Boston? Shawn Thornton, but I believe he also kills penalties.

The notion that "every team needs a tough guy" is pretty outdated. Most of the top teams DON'T have one. We have enough guys that can stick up for a teammate if the situation dictates. If Burrows puts a nasty hit on Dumont, do you think Belak is going to go out and make him pay? Absolutely not.
You don't have tough guys for the playoffs, you have them for the regular season to protect your guys so they make it to the playoffs healthy. If you don't even have the threat of a guy like Belak on your roster, teams will take liberties. Even with Belak, teams take liberties but they have to decide if they want to answer the bell. St. Louis certainly took liberties with us this year. They had 5 guys with over 100 penalty minutes. You want King and Janssen taking runs at guys like Erat, Dumont and whoever else we've got? You want Weber having to fight big guys and risking injury to his hand or a concussion?

Until guys like Boogard, Ivanans and all the rest of them are not in the league, there will be a need for heavyweights in the regular season. Tootoo can handle most guys in the league but would you really want him going up against Boogard and there was no pun intended in that statement.

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