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04-29-2010, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Heat McManus View Post
I'll confirm tomorrow, but I'm almost 100% positive that they get a good deal of calls for Bauer skates. They are a small store, REALLY small. I don't know how they'd be able to carry all the Graf models they want, other types of equipment AND full lines of Vapor and Supremes.
As a small store, I'm not even sure if they carry all Grafs in stock, I'd imagine some styles/sizes must be special-ordered.

You're also contradicting yourself by saying that commercial success means nothing but that Graf must be good because WSS does well carrying only Graf. A store could do very well JUST carrying Bauer, but it doesn't mean Bauer is the best product.
Understood, but given the expectations of a typically demanding NY-consumer, a store carrying lousy product just simply won't stay open long.

I've lived in NYC for over 40 years, and here's a good example: walk by any restaurant here one month after it opened, and if it isn't crowded, it won't reach a second month. Not to sound like an arrogant NYer, but people here have probably the lowest BS-tolerance anywhere in the US, and a store selling skates that don't hold up is not going to last long. Every area rink I went to people referred me to the same store, and to the same people for fittings...they knew that Bauer was not carried in WSS.

Sure paragon has Bauer, and full disclosure, I actually have lower end Bauer skates, and even they are quite comfortable - no doubt, Bauer makes an excellent product - but the fierce claims against Graf here are just not justifiable.

I've known TBL for a few years and he's anything but a Bauer shill or a Graf assassin. If you check other boards like ModSquadHockey you'll hear what he's saying echoed a good deal.
As for modhockey, I'm a member there too, and the thread dealing with Graf CS issues is several years old.

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