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04-29-2010, 08:49 PM
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Just read a bunch of the comments people made about Hamhuis in the fish wrap. There are a few options the Preds have here.

1) Try to re-sign Hamhuis, you have a top 4 of Weber, Suter, Hammer and Klein then fill in the 5-7 slots with Franson, Blum and Sulzer. Kind of what we tried to do this year and when it wasn't working we went out and signed Bouillon.

2) Try to re-sign Bouillon and everything is the same as above in option 1.

3) Try to re-sign Grebs. See above 1 and 2.

4) Trying re-signing Bouillon and one of either Hammer and Grebs. You then basically have the same 6 guys on the blue line if Franson keeps his spot or Blum or Sulzer take his slot. Probably the least likely of these scenarios so far.

5) Let Hamhuis, Bouillon and Grebs walk, go into the season with Weber, Suter, Klein, Franson as our top 4 and hope Blum and Sulzer are ready to compete at this level. Use the money we've then saved on using our prospects and young players on re-signing Hornqvist and possibly a cheap veteran defenseman along the lines of Bouillon. If we choose to do this I think this leaves us extremely vulnerable on special teams, especially the PK. While Hamhuis has not been what he was earlier in his career, he does a few things, eats up minutes, is rarely hurt and is a solid defenseman, not flashy or glamorous but solid. I think those saying he's not worth the money are probably right but his market value will be dictated by what other teams are willing to pay. I think when we compare him to Suter and Weber, we have unrealistic expectations that his play should be at that level. He's a very good player but not elite so where is the line of what's a fair salary for him. I think $4 million is too high but do we take the chance of paying Franson, Blum and Sulzer what we would pay to keep Hamhuis. That is probably our reality. Unless Hamhuis takes a hometown discount or the owners open their wallets a little bit, I have a funny feeling Hamhuis, Bouillon and Grebs are all gone and we have a very young blue line led by Suter and Weber with Klein our third most experienced defender. Very dangerous proposition if you ask me.

Not trying to compare this to the Trotz situation by any means but we need to be careful what we ask/wish for. I think we'll miss Hamhuis more than we think if he's gone. I think Blum has the potential to be special but can and will it happen his first year here? It's a big risk to take but at some point, the salary cap becomes our enemy.

The other possibility here is being able to unload a veteran contract, wishfully thinking it would be Arnott, use that money to keep Hamhuis and hope Wilson is ready to go.

Another possibility could be to trade some of the younger talent and replace Hamhuis with another veteran defender at a much more affordable price. Haven't done any research on who that could be but it's an option.

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