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04-30-2010, 01:22 AM
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I haven't read before this page so please forgive me if I repeat others.

To me all three ultimately really hurts. All three are key defensive players and remove one quarter of the forwards... tough to replace in a depth depleted system. Carter and Gagne also are a key to the offense even when not scoring, as they mean the opposing teams have to cover them with the respect that scorers and members of the 30-40+ club deserves. They make room for the others and when on can really contribute quite a bit... As with many scorers they can be streaky, and when in a streak can be game breakers. They have to be treated with respect, hot or not... And they are two way players who kill penalties and are keys on the PK. Carter also has been our top face-off percentage player, IIRC, and at least at one point had a better rate than even Betts.

Lappy may not be the two way player the other two are but he makes up for his lack of offensive prowess with his relentless and fearless penalty killing. There is no player that I can recall that works harder or smarter than him shorthanded... He plays a regular shift and can chip in on offense at times, and at times in key times. He rarely ever hurts you on offense and won't on defense. Added to that he adds toughness that the other two don't; he will not only play tough, but he will fight and will fight when he feels the team needs a fight... He is a main chamber of the heart of the team, both on and off the ice... With Betts they make up an exceptional PK unit that cannot be match on this team without either.

All that said, while I believe that the combination of the three may be too much to overcome, I believe that Lappy's injury will be the one that cannot be made up for, by committee, or by any player playing over their heads.

I do think however that the loss of Lappy will be less felt against the Bruins than it would have been against the Caps... But, IMO, the Flyers have to cut down on their short handed situations... and the Officials have to let the players play and not call every little thing, as seems to be the thing in this postseason.

Sorry to be so long winded here, and at times stating the obvious..

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