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04-30-2010, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post
More to the point, claiming in a public forum that a company intentionally screws its customers over is a libelous statement, and I am a member of other large web forums where manufacturers have sued both the forum owner and posters for making non-factual claims of that nature. I like HF, I don't wish to see that happen here. (For those curious, the forum I am referring to is club obi-wan, a site for aficianados of the Indiana Jones leather jacket).
dude first of all relax. this is an educated debate and i highly doubt any of it would be considered "libel". sure they are anecdotal accounts but how do you ignore a large amount of them? obviously there is something to it.

second of all anyone LOL at the indiana jones thing?

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