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04-30-2010, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Pedagogue View Post
Canadian Boy here entering the debate. I too have often wondered why we don't see more NHL players wearing Graf skates as they are awesome. However, why would they when they can get paid to wear Bauer or other big brands. People, please realize that the Bauer skates the pros wear are customs. Graf skates are for a niche market of people who understand the importance of comfort based on the individual structure of the player's feet. I have the Supra 605's and have not experienced any problems. They fit my feet perfectly and work for me. Bauer is the most popular but not necessarily the best. Let's not confuse popularity with quality.
theres is nothing wrong with wanting to wear grafs, but they havent made the same strides technologically as bauer, and thats a fact.

like people have said in this thread, buy what fits your feet and what you like and the pros do that. they arent going to use a skate just because they are sponsored by them. look at zach parise. he is sponsored by easton but he wears ccm skates. obviously its what fits him and what he likes. malkin is sponsored by bauer, he uses an s19 stick

these guys use what they like, and only 6% use graf skates

not to mention the whole "they are sponsored by a certain company they have to wear their equipment" argument is not only not completely true but also its not like the entire league is sponsored by a hockey company. there is probably only 2 maybe 3 guys per team taht are so they vast majority of the nhl players are not and the vast majority of the nhl players wear bauer skates the fact that graf doesnt sponsor anyone doesnt explain why not alot of nhl players wear graf skates

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