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02-28-2005, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by emillie
Bennysflyers16: He already did gamble on them. And because he'll be limited (at least we assume he will be) by a rookie salary cap other things may/will affect his choice. Another team may promise a better contract after his rookie one then the Flyers. He may want to play for his favorite team, the Leafs. He may want to take an oppertunity he may never get again and play with his favorite player (I dunno who that is, so I can't suggest a team). He may want to go to a team he see's as having a better chance of winning, like the Lightning or the Senators. He may want to go play with some other elite young talent like Healty/Kovalchuk with the Thrashers or Nash with the Blue Jackets. He may really want to stay in Canada, or want to go to Calary to play with Phanulf etc...

My point was just that, even if the Flyers are given an extended period to sign Carter when the new CBA is signed, unless not signing in that period would prevent him from playing in the NHL and earning money, what benefit is there to him to sign?
They may even be upset at not having been signed under the old agreement....and there are the agents

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