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04-30-2010, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Renneys Revenge View Post
dude first of all relax. this is an educated debate and i highly doubt any of it would be considered "libel". sure they are anecdotal accounts but how do you ignore a large amount of them? obviously there is something to it.

second of all anyone LOL at the indiana jones thing?
You misunderstand me, I'm not taking this personally or anything - shyte, I don't care if noone else wears Grafs, I like mine so far, and that's all that counts

It's just that I've got a legal background, and the statement made above could get HFB in trouble if the manufacturer saw it, and took legal action. If you laugh at the IJ thing, you should go there and read the posts, those people are fanatics about the jacket, it really is hilarious. I just landed on it because I was researching custom leather jackets, and it is a good resource for info on hides, materials, construction, stitching, etc.

But the site was also, sadly, sued by a company who suffered a comment similar to TBLs, and given how much I like this place and the participants, I'd be pissed if the admins here had to chill the freedom of speech b/c someone insulted a company.

Just saying be careful about blanket negative comments on the web about a company, and no, I don't work for Graf, I just embarrass myself 2-3x per week in their skates...

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