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04-30-2010, 11:04 AM
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Personally, I thought that it was a big mistake that the kings didn't give Quick some more off when his kid was born back in March. If I were the one making the decisions, I would have given Quick at least the Stars game off (which they did) followed by the Preds game two days later. That would have given Quick at least a week off to get used to his new living situation with his first child and all.

And, really, after seeing Bernier performance in the Stars game, I would have kept him up much longer, and possibly even had him finish out the season and playoffs. Now I am not saying that I don't appreciate what Quick did for this team, but no one can deny that he did not play well after the Olympic break. And someone should have noticed that and done something about that.

Again, I am not saying the Bernier could have taken us far in the Playoffs, because there was nothing that he could do about our lack of 5 on 5 scoring, but I do know that Bernier could have stolen us a game or two and we might have faced Phoenix instead, and who knows what could have happened from there.

Quick is fast and average in his positioning, but he has some problems tracking the puck at times, and has been known to have a slow glove hand. Quick play a big role in helping us get to the Playoffs, but then he fell off the map toward the end of the season, and someone should have noticed that sooner, and done something about that sooner.

Oh, well. No use in crying over spilt milk. Here to watching Bernier take the Monarchs to the Calder Cup Finals and lifting the trophy high above his head as he looks up and Deano and Hexy and shouts, "I am the King!" As he makes his way onto the team next year and takes us all the way to the Cup finals and repeats this years feat, only on the biggest stage this time.

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