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04-30-2010, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by ForsbergIsOdin View Post
I dont know how many of you use a resistance band and a door jamb to simulate pulls ups, but I am one of those unfortunate few. Well, the worst case scenario just happened, and as I was doing "pull ups" with the heaviest grade band I have, the door jamb slips and the next then I know I have a rubber band from ****ing hell destroy my chest. It was like getting the wind knocked out of you, but I instantly worried that my heart was going to stop like if you get hit with a line drive in baseball.

Anyway, it was complete shock and pain for the first 2 minutes until it started to subside. Now I have a pretty sexy deep purple bruise and red line that essentially extends from nipple to nipple, and it ****ing burns.

Morale of the story kids, **** resistance bands, they are ****ing gay.
It didn't take that story for me to know that....

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