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Originally Posted by gc View Post
Otherwise, skraut had a thread recently (link) about his shooting area. He said he bought some nets from Amazon (link to seller). I ended up ordering nets from them too, they're supposed to arrive in a few days though so I can't really comment on quality just yet.
I've been pretty impressed with the durability. I've been firing into the net every day and seen a dramatic increase in my shot power. (I've been practicing my weight transfer and leg drive, and actually broke my roller blades about a half hour ago. That's what I get for trying to do hockey stuff in recreational skates)

I still don't know how fast it is, so I don't know the force the net is taking, but I hung the net with some 3/4" brass hooks. and the hooks are all bent up in weird shapes from the impact, but the net is just fine. I've only broken one strand of the net so far, and that was due to me having the net too tight, and the way I hit it, essentially all the weight of the shot was taken by one strand and it failed eventually. But as long as the net has some slack, and put a couple strands in each hook, everything holds up well.

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