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09-29-2003, 11:14 AM
Mr Sakich
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I am saying that the league should punish the teams who can't keep their house in order. The blues are a perfect example. They break even until 01 and then add tkachuk and weight. There was no possibility (short of a trip to the cup finals every year) that they could ever recoup those salaries. Between the two players, you have an extra 19,000,000 in salary. At an average ticket price of $75, the blues have to draw over 5,500 fans to every game just to pay those two.

if they were allready near capacity, then it is pure folly for them to drive up everyone else's costs by paying those two that much money. If nobody offers weight 8 mill, then I guess he wouldn' be worth 8 mill. It isn't doug or kieth's fault, this mess is caused by owners and irresponsible spenders should be punished.

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