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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
No radar here, but here it goes. I had been shooting for a while beforehand, so I was somewhat tired, especially at the end.

I noticed about two or three things that bothered me, they didn't occur on every shot, but anyway.

Okay I noticed something besides what you pointed out already about not following through on the shot with a wrist turnover thingamahoozie .... slapping the puck instead of actually launching it but anyway ... I think you turn your hips and use leg drive before you shoot so when the stick blade hits the pucks you have already turned your body through the shot motion of your body and it is almost the same as standing sideways and shooting at a standstill almost. It looks like you are doing two different things in sequence rather than all in one motion.

your leg drive and dropping down looks good, just the timing thing. The timing is off I guess, I suck at describing it. I suck at describing most things.

I had a hard time seeing your actual physical body as you were off camera, I like Jarick's videos the best so far because he had a front on and behind view.

I did really like the camera jerk when you shot like it was filmed by Rob Zombie or something. That was cool, it gave it life!

I'm always afrad when giving advice that some people may get offended, do get offended though if I am wrong and tell me so haha. Not being able to see all of you when shooting doesn't help much ... but 'from what I saw' that is my opinion.

I have to use avi video on a regular digital camera but the framerate is excellent and looks like a home video camera instead of a digital photo camera that shoots video.

I really want to get some video done this weekend. Thanks for posting yours, this thread is very cool. Everyone so far has great upper body shooting motions, it is just the leg drive issues. I really honestly believe the leg drive makes the slapshot or any shot really rather than arm strength which is why you see little pukes shoot really hard sometimes.

Good mechanics is worth a million bucks.

Originally Posted by boot399 View Post
WOW! i just did this and my shots are 75% faster! and the bottem of my stick is getting torn even more haha thanks alot dude! i will upload a video soon!
Well that's cool, that is what beavboyz had in mind here.

these days since i shoot well I practicew shooting without looking at the puck while looking at my target or sometimes faking looking one side for the goalie and shooting to the other. That takes some concentration to do it well and i practice it because I am not where I want it yet. The other thing i work on with shooting is shooting across my body while skating in the opposite direction I am shooting, that is probably the hardest slapshot besides the onetimer. Goalies hate it when they are tracking you with their little side steps and you go to the opposite side they are expecting.

For this thread though I am just going to rip like crazy nonsense to get full velocity rather than accuracy. I take some off of it for the accurate stuff when that is actually called for kinda of like precision bombing .... it feels good to pick a spot from inside the blueline and hit it perfectly with a very hard slapshot especially off the pipe. I swear it is a drug that I wish I could bottle.

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