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02-28-2005, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Wild Thing
I've noticed that, but why is it? I've been skating outdoors all winter long, and I have to sharpen them every 4-6 hours. Any longer than that and I'm tumbling head over heels every time I try to make a turn. Is it that there's more grit and stuff on the ouutdoor rinks?

Anyway, I love the feel of freshly sharpened skates. You have so much more control! I feel like a human F-16, twisting and turning all over the ice.

Outdoor ice has a lot more particles and crap in it that grind away your edges pretty quick. It would probably be different on a man made out door rink but on a pond, forget it. I keep a back up pair of skates specifically for pond hockey.

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