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05-01-2010, 12:55 PM
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Would you take Kovalev at 30 years old or Gionta at 30 years old for a playoff series ?

That's what it comes to. The 2 AKs have a lot in common - size, shot, speed ...basically potentially game breakers any night. They just do not follow orders, do not play a team game, and rely only on their individual skill with the puck (Kovy has tons more) which is not that damaging in the regular season. It hurts in the playoffs.

AK is a gamble for a coach any given night. He can score 3 goals or he can cause 2. The worst part is that it must be demoralizing for the rest of the team to see one of your top players who looks like he can't wait to get home for the summer.

Gionta is not a gamble. Wednesday he was the only one to keep his focus and say "We won nothing yet. We want the cup." He compensates what he lacks in skill, shot and size (he's worse than AK on these) through hard work and commitment. He inspires his teammates.

I'm not asking to get rid of AK just like I was not asking to get rid of Plekanec last summer for a bag of pucks (as many of you did). There is always the hope that he will change, that he will become the dominant, energetic and dedicated power forward we all want and need.

But....Kovalev ? Semin ? It's harder and harder to believe.

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