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05-01-2010, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by free0717 View Post
I wouldnt be. When they drafted him, he said his dream was to play college hockey in Boston. He was happy to be drafted by the Rangers but didnt say his dream was to play in the NHL. The kid walks to a different beat. I dont know if his parents have $$$, but getting $$$ now doesnt seem to be on this kids agenda. How many 18 year old kids from Boston want to learn how to speak russian.
Well, keep in mind that he wasn't one of those prospects that were followed from an early age and had expectations to be drafted heaped on him. He kind of came out of nowhere and even said he was really surprised when NHL teams started scouting him (or his family was? don't remember exactly). He probably never seriously thought about playing in the NHL at that point and his dream was to play for BC

Now with everything going on (his WJC experience, getting invited to the WC's) he's probably realizing by now that this is a big deal and he has a really legit shot to be a NHL star.

Then again I'm completely projecting **** based on the limited information we've gotten

If he's ready, sure I'd like him to turn pro sooner rather than later, but in the end as long as he's a Rangers, I'm cool with it

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