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03-01-2005, 01:50 PM
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Martin Straka!


does anyone know whats his contract status i mean i found this from NHLPA website
that his salary for this season is 4.7mill but no information how many years he have left in his contract and also i found this from google.

The Penguins stand to benefit from this in another way.
When they traded Martin Straka last year, they had the Kings
pay all of his 2003-04 salary but agreed to pick up $2.5 million
of his 2004-05 pay. They could be completely off the hook on that
one if there is no season.

so does it mean that we pay $2.2mill for him this season. im making roster for EHM and i want to make kings correct. if anyone has idea or read somewhere could you please confirm to me how much Straka makes and how long contract he has left now.
thanks in advance!


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