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09-29-2003, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Jim Bob
Is this the same Taylor Pyatt that i've been watching the past couple of seasons?

The Taylor Pyatt I've been watching only seems to really show up when he feels like it.

Pyatt has the potential to be a really good player. The problem is that he needs to let it all out every night and not just once a month.

We must be watching two different players. Pyatt will never be Cam Neely. He doesn't drop the gloves enough and to me he doesn't have that killer instinct that most "power forwards" have.

I see Pyatt's upside more like a John Leclair type player than a player like Neely, Shanahan, or Bertuzzi.

All power forwards have longer development time and sometimes the developing ones look like they are not trying because they are trying to figure out how to use their strength and size against the best players in the world. If they are to careless and try to hard evey shift they will get injured. If they just fly in every time they will not have a long career. There was the same knock against Thronton though he did develop faster.