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05-02-2010, 06:54 PM
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I simply removed all your bluster so we could move directly to the point at hand.

Originally Posted by GSC2k2 View Post
You are speculating about the AMULA. I am (and have been) talking about what is in (or not in) the MOU, which is in front of us. Do you get it now? If not, I am out of ways to tell you.
Here's your quote: "JR can sell his team in five years. As I outlined about 500-600 posts ago, that does not allow the subsequent purchaser to break the lease and move the team..."

Here's the MOU:

Now show us exactly where the MOU states that subsequent purchasers will not be allowed to break the lease. Or were you just speculating that a subsequent purchaser will not be able to break the lease?

Here's another quote: "You are the only person doing the speculating. What I have said, and what is in fact the case, is that in order to get out from the obligation, the AMULA must be terminable (whether at the five year point or whenever). THe MOU does not so provide. You are SPECULATING that the AMULA will have such a provision."

Here's the MOU:

Show us where the MOU states that the new lease will not be terminable. Does the MOU provide such language? Or are you SPECULATING that the AMULA will not have such a provision?

It's not really complicated at all. You're posting your opinion of what the final agreement will look like. It's not supported by the MOU, it's just your own baseless speculation.

Originally Posted by GSC2k2 View Post
You are the only one among the two of us who is speculating.
No. I am the only one among the two of us who is strong enough to admit it's speculation. You are clearly speculating, there is no doubt that the statements you make are not supported by anything in the MOU. Yet for some reason, you are still compelled to feebly attempt to sell us all that you are presenting divine gospel and everything you post is an indisputable fact. It's not.

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