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03-01-2005, 06:53 PM
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I live in Colorado so i get to see quite a few CC games. Petiot is generally a lot bigger than the forwards he faces on the other teams, so he typically uses his size to toss people out of where he wants to be. He usually gets a lot of ice time but is just coming back from an injury (i forget whether it was groin or muscle tear, something like that) so it's not surprising they would limit his time. He is not a very offensive D-man, does not get time on the PP but does on the PK. will take himself out of position a la Darius Kasparitis in order to light someone up with a big hit, but similar to Darius doing this can sometimes lead to odd man rushes against his team. i don't think we can say what kind of NHL'r he will be until he plays in the AHL against bigger boys and we see how he stands up. but a good prospect.

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