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05-03-2010, 12:53 AM
Tommy Hawk
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First off, isn't the June 30 deadline set by the bankruptcy court, NOT the NHL? Isn't that the date the NHL can reject the CURRENT AMULA in place?

Second, why would the MOU mention a NEW AMULA if they were going to proceed under the current AMULA?

Section 6. AMULA. The parties recognize a new AMULA will need to be executed as follows:

6.1 (paraphrasing) City will assign it to JR or who JR says to assign it to

6.2 (paraphrasing) CoG still has to pay the bonds used in financing the construction of the arena, presumably so the arena itself does not go into default and get sold to pay bondholders.

And lastly, if the CoG can not put together the CFD, JR gets $200k for his troubles. (section 12)

Should be interesting........

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