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09-29-2003, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by AvsGuy
boy, if you'd have asked me who i thought would be the LAST guy to stick with the Avs this year, it would've been Cody McCormick. i thought this guy was a long-term project, or am i thinking of someone else??? anyhow, i hadn't even heard much about him from the training camp posts that Dario and Cazzy put up here, is he really THAT GOOD???
The old posts are all gone but it's no secret that I've always been a bit of a homer for Cody McCormick. I've tried very hard to be objective when it comes to him because of my obvious bias about his potential previously.

The things I like about McCormick; 1. Work Ethic. Voted in the OHL coaches poll two years straight as one of the leagues hardest workers 2. Fantastic body checker. Voted in the OHL coaches poll as one of best body checkers in the league. 3. Size. 4. Leadership. 5. Potential power-forward scoring ability. You cannot teach work ethic, size and leadership. You either have these things, or you do not. Add to the fact he's standup for his teammates, a great body checker (see my Avatar ) and well liked by those who play with him from what other parents and players have told me. Then you have a guy I can't help but root for and hope him the greatest of success. His skating is actually decent, which is why he can get into position to make hits. As I said in the rookie camp review, he's much better in game situations than he is in drills. I think McCormick still has a lot of developement to go through with his skating perhaps and his play making. I felt he was a year or two away from the NHL but if he can be solid defensively then that gives the Avalanche an excuse to give him 4th line minutes. The question is, do you take a promising rookie and only give him 5 to 7 minutes a game on a fourth line? Or do you put him in the AHL for a season and let him get 15-20? I'd like to see him in the NHL, but I think it would be better in the long run if he played more minutes with Hershey so he can possibly develope into a 3rd line power-forward.

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