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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
How old are you, what kind of shape are you in, what level of hockey do you play?

You say you want to bulk up...are you doing any lifting and what's your schedule?

Are you involved in any training camps, power skating lessons, etc?

I like Gary Roberts' idea of training for hockey. He thinks it's better to get as strong as possible rather than cardio conditioning. And it's hard to argue when he trained Stamkos and Downey this offseason and they had monster years. The theory is that hockey is more anaerobic than aerobic, that strong legs equal power and bigger impact on the ice.
I'm 20, in generally good shape but my muscle mass is not where it should/want it to be. I'm 5'10 and about 150lbs.
I just finished my last yr of minor hockey playing Juvenile, planning to hopefully try out for a Junior B team.

I've done some occasional lifting, but nothing on a serious schedule however I do want to get on a strict schedule this summer.
As I said before, I will be skating every M/W/F morning so if its better to be getting as strong as possible is it okay to be weight training after my morning skates? And then doing some conditioning/endurance on the Tues/Thurs?

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