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Originally Posted by Professor Pickles View Post
I am really hoping I am reading this wrong.

Are they playing games in Johnstown just so they are closer to their games versus Trenton and Reading? Did I read that correctly?
I think you are.
Let's take a look here, and maybe I am the dumbest person ever. I do not know the exact amount of time it takes to get from Wheeling to Reading in a bus. I know Wheeling from Johnstown is somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hours away. Johnstown to Reading is what, 4 hours? That's roughly 7 hours from Wheeling to Reading.

But, if the Nailers play in Johnstown, it's only 4 hours away. Did anyone forget to add the time it takes to drive to Johnstown?
I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about here, but from Reading to J-town is 3 to 3 1/2 hours, and from Reading to Wheeling is 5 hours. You don't go through Johnstown on the way to Wheeling -although they are both west of Reading. From Trenton to Reading is 1 1/2 hours, Trenton to Wheeling is a little over 6 hours and Trenton to J-town 4 1/2 or so.
Are they honestly going to save enough cash in this moronic venture that it is worth it? Or is this just a favor to the city of Johnstown because Wheeling "likes them"?
The point is, they would only have 26 games in Wheeling instead of 36, so they can eliminate a lot of the weekday dates when attendance is less, and hopefully get close to the same attendance in 26 games that they were getting in 36 (so hoping for 4000 per game over 26 games instead of 3000 per game at 36 games for example - same income from ticket sales with less expenses in
Wheeling) Then they add the ten games in Johnstown, where they maybe get 2500 per game, since they only have 10 games and they will all presumably be Friday/Saturday games, instead of 36 games with quite a few weekdays.
I'm not saying it is going to work - but it seems pretty obvious that is what they are hoping for.

Is Trenton really, honestly in jeopardy of losing their franchise because they cannot afford to drive the remaining 2.5 hours to Wheeling rather than J-town?
Where did this come from? Trenton is in no danger of losing their franchise. They are owned by the Devils, who are committed to player development, not to making money on ticket sales. None of the articles or any of the posters mentioned Trenton at all. The articles, and this thread, are about the Nailers playing 26 home games in Wheeling and 10 home games in Johnstown, which the Brooks Brothers apparently feel is going to be more profitable. They might be right, and they might be wrong, but travel times to Reading and Johnstown certainly aren't any part of the reason for this change.

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