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Originally Posted by dkwan20 View Post
It's that time of the year again!

Just had a question regarding what would benefit me the most regarding off-season training.

Because of cost/time constraints the only ice time I can get is really early morning and I plan on going 3 times a week.
Now my goal for the summer is to bulk-up quite a bit but also keep my conditioning and endurance in check (obviously want to keep well-rounded).

So do you suggest I do weight training after my morning skates (ex. M/W/F). And then do my conditioning workouts on the Tues/Thur?
Or should I be doing it the other way around?

I've been looking around and articles have pros/cons for weight training after cardio, just want to see if you guys have any input. Any help/feedback is appreciated.
I'm not a professional, but from what I've seen and heard from books, videos, and being around my university's varisty team, a lot of guys will split the summer into three to four training periods. Strength training --> Plyometrics --> Cardio is what I've seen most of the guys do. That's not to imply that they do *only* these things during the period... but they focus more on that aspect and less on the others.

It might make for quicker results in each department, instead of trying to train them all equally throughout the summer. I'm going to spend most of the summer getting stronger to prevent future knee injuries. The latter half of the summer will be spent working on my cardio and skills.

I haven't been on the ice since early March, and I got pretty fat during rehab... so I'm going to try to get as much additional cardio as possible.

Based on your description, strength training might be the way to go. My guess is that you're a skinny guy who isn't carrying a lot of body fat, so your conditioning should be pretty good.

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