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05-03-2010, 06:22 PM
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Why can't there just be an agreement right down the middle with regards to Cammy?

I understand why he was traded. I'm not interested in harping those reasons. If you watched Cammy's last season with the Kings, he was personally ready to move on, and it has worked out for him very nicely. I love Cammy. I wish he was still here. The Kings could use him.

The fact that he isn't here though is really not that big of a deal come next season, now that he is going to be replaced by whoever DL gets to score goals from the wing.

Cammy's development simply did not time out with the rebuild.

Its not that Cammy isn't worth that 5 mill. He is.

Its not that the 5 mill couldn't work with our salary structure. It could.

It IS that when it was time to pay Cammy, he would have taken up too much space for where the rebuild was according to DL's plan, which is to build from the back out. As with the team, the salary must be structure in a similar manner. Plan on who you are going to pay in goal, then on D, then at center, and only then can you decide where and how much money to throw at a wing.

And before you say that we got and are paying Smyth MORE money before giving Quick/Bernier/Doughty/Johnson their significant raises, consider that while Cammy would score goals, and may net Kopi some extra assists, Cammy would absolutely not have been able to teach Kopitar the essentials he has learned from Smyth, which is what makes his high cap hit acceptable.

Its old news.

Be happy for Cammy. Understand why he was traded. Look forward to his replacement. Get over it.

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