Thread: Speculation: Which Big Salaried Forward Goes?
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05-03-2010, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Mhoogasian94123 View Post
I'm sorry but this isn't NHL11. I don't want to be the Calgary Flames or Chicago Blackhawks. I think Marleau and Nabby are playing well, but CAP ROOM is CAP ROOM. There will be some decent goalies on the market and we can get someone to replace Nabby for less. I would trade BOTH Marleau and Nabby for draft picks/decent players to fill the void. Fortunately the season isn't over for us. I truly believe we shouldn't sweat the offseason stuff until we're out or we're raising the cup!!!
you clearly have not read what I wrote.

and yeah I do not play video games, so I do not base anthing on games, but reality as it is now. I am making a point, that we cannot afford the talent we have and still sign a d-man to replace blake. I did not start this thread I am just contributing my thoughts.

The playoffs are not over, great.
Players values will change as we go forward, we know.
I merely offered the best case scenario for the sharks and the realistic scenario as it stands now.
Is this thread premature, yes.

But, this is mathematical, we will lose 1 huge player or 2 players that matter no matter what.

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