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03-02-2005, 06:35 AM
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I was in Milano yesterday night and i watched game1 of the semifinal.
Well, a completely one sided game, i hoped for something better. Bolzano showed a very poor attitude in his own zone, being completely unable to handle all game long Milano's forwards once they were in the offensive zone. The first period ended 2-1 just by coincidence (Bolzano scored on 5-3) and it was clear that would have turned out into a deserved massacre. If Bolzano can't play a completely different game defensively they will be soon out in four games. And the number of times they lost the puck in their defensive zone was just embarassing.
Basically the game lasted until its half when Milano scored the 4th goal.
Note: defender Armin Helfer recorded 2 goals and 5 assists!

Looking at the scoresheet it looks like the other semifinal first game has been much more interesting, with Asiago grabbing a huge win on the road by 6-5 (Pisani 4points).
I'm wondering about the temperature there was in Cortina while the game was played!

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