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05-03-2010, 10:23 PM
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Since you're a beginning weightlifter, do Starting Strength. I've been looking for a better program for a beginner, but honestly there's simply none. It's a three day a week program and its very sastifying. You'll do deadlifts, squats, bench press, press and power cleans. Eventually, add in rows, chin ups, glute ham raises, good mornings. But for your first summer, Starting Strength is more than enough. After 4-6 months, come back here and we'll help you for the next step.

For diet, if you want to bulk, start by determining your caloric needs. An easy way would be 200-250gs of protein and 70-100gs of fat (good fats: fish oil, flax, olive oil, almonds, nuts, animal fat[yes, even animal fat]). That's basically what you need to be sure you're gaining muscle, from there add in carbs to complete your diet. You're 5'10" 150lbs? I'm guessing 10-12% fat, so go with about 2700 calories at first (take your grams of protein times 4, plus your grams of fat times 9, substract this number to 2700, divide by 4 and you get your number of grams of carbs you need). Do this 2 weeks. If you didn't gain a pound (weigh yourself every morning after taking a **** and pissing), add 250 calories of carbs every day. If you gained too much fat, drop 250 calories of carbs every day. Do this until you get to your goal, try to measure your arms, thighs, stomach, chest for progress.

For quality of food, it doesn't really matter. Healthwise, I'd tell you to go with whole foods. If it's in a can or a box, most likely it's crap. Eat vegetables, fruits and whole grain carbs. Lots of chicken and beef of course. But you don't have to if you don't want, just understand that it's easier to break your caloric needs on a crap diet and it's not very good health wise. Don't need to cut things like rice or spagetti or even mcdonalds, just don't overeat and make sure you're inside your caloric needs.

For conditioning, two things:

-Drag a weighted slad. Search for westside barbell exercises or Louie Simmons typical routines.
-Hill sprints. Think of what a workhorse running back would run, then double that number.

Also, if this is too tiring, Try tabata protocols or barbell complexes, they're very effective. I trained exclusively with Tabatas 5 days a week last summer and without even touching my bike in at least 5 years, I did 50kms at a pretty insane rythm. Don't ask me how fast, I don't ****ing know, I just know I started late and blew by most of the other cyclists.

Remember that hockey is all about core and leg strength, as well as power and your anaerobic energy system. That's what you need to train.

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