Thread: Speculation: Which Big Salaried Forward Goes?
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05-04-2010, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by param View Post
You mean outside help as in free agency? So if we happen to sign someone who hasn't played on the Sharks a certain number of seasons, we won't be contenders that year?

And because Crosby and Datsyuk won the cup, that automatically bumps them ahead of Thornton?

Setoguchi (speedy winger) can become a consistent 30+ goal scorer, but we still need Marleau on the team because it's tough to find a speedy winger?

The reason I have so many questions is because I don't know what the point of your response is. Your argument isn't very clear to me.
Any team in the league would take Datsyuk or Crosby over Thornton. Hell, I'd take those trades in a direct swap. Crosby goes without saying, but I'd also take Datsyuk over Joe.

How do we know Setoguchi can become a consistent 30+ goal scorer? He's talented, but he has also been inconsistent. 30 goals is a lot of goals. Scoring that many goals consistently is pretty rare. I don't think Seto has proved this type of skill yet.

My heart says I want Marleau to stay, although these playoffs are painful because he really is digging himself a hole. My head says he's the easy choice to let walk.

But, as another poster said, the Cup changes everything. We won't win the cup without Marleau contributing in points and intangibles, plain and simple. And if we get to the finals, that means it's likely we'll move pieces around to try to keep him, even if it means our D is weak or we see one of our RFA's walk for a contract (seto).

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