Thread: Speculation: Which Big Salaried Forward Goes?
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05-04-2010, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr.Bridge View Post
You said

Proving your point? No. If you want to be a pedant and play an argument of semantics, Patrick Marleau could technically ask for 7.5 million from the Sharks, but he won't get it. He could also ask for a funny balloon hat to wear during negotiations. He could also recite Latin while juggling dead fish.

You also said

If there is a bidding war, it might get that high, not likely though. He won't resign in San Jose for that much, which is what can be inferred from your breakdown post. The idea of 7.5m in teal is hilarious.

So no, you aren't proving your point. Far from it, in fact.
my initial post was based on the fact that we cannot resign everyone. And I listed the best case scenario, as if everyone signed home town deal, which in reality will not happen. I then followed up with a post of what players will be looking for in reality.

I clearly said in the top of the post "In reality our free agents could reasonably ask for this, either with us or on another team: "

so who is playing the game of semantics mr. bridge?

Edit: my whole point of these posts is to say that we cannot resign these players, one-two have to go regardless. I am starting to wonder what your point is???

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