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05-04-2010, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
I've got an 85flex and a 100 flex. I notice when I switch from one to the next that my accuracy is way off because I have to shoot differently with the 100flex. It seems with the 85 the puck is on the blade longer, and that gives me a bit more time to control where the puck is going

With the 100 flex it seems like right when I hit the puck, it launches it. Kind of like comparing flicking an eraser with one of those hard wooden rulers vs one of the more flexible plastic ones.
Yeah, that definitely has to do with more loading with the whippier flex. A kind of cool observation really. Also, not questioning, but based on your video you don't look like a guy who really will get much out of a 100 flex, especially if you're cutting it at all. So if you're not over 200lbs and you're using a 100 stiff, you're probably not getting much loading at all which would definitely contribute to feeling the puck is off the blade the instant you make contact. I've decided to try cutting down some sticks this summer and learning to play with a much shorter stick and as a result I'm thinking I'm going to end up buying a 77 and cutting it down to about an 85. I had been using 87s. I expect to get better puck handling control, add a little to my shot and feel an increase in loading, but I also expect it will be a pretty big adjustment to significantly change the height of the stick I'm playing with after a long time with one length.

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