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05-04-2010, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
If you add all of the Rangers one way contracts and everything which makes up the summer cap which is the upper limit plus 10%,the Rangers don't have much flexibility.

Say the upper limit is $57 million. Add 10%. $62.7 million. If you add all of the Rangers one way contracts including Redden,Brashear and Rissmiller plus Johnson's pro rated $210,000 for this season which is applied to the summer cap(5),other players under 2 way contracts who played in the NHL this season and the Rangers QO's,it's like $51.5 million not including Lisin's $830k QO which he won't get(you would think). If Staal gets a long term deal,it's going to eat up big room. His QO is $803,250 based on his $765,000 salary. If Staal gets $3.5 million,that 4 times his QO.

Everyone doesn't include Redden,Brashear(stuck with his cap hit unless they trade him or place on LTI which isn't until October and the Rangers would need to be near the upper limit to get that benefit) and Rissmiller in their team projections but the Rangers can't remove that money from their cap until the season starts. If they can't remove the money until October,they're stuck.

When Torts talks about getting younger. The Rangers may have no choice if you look at their cap.
Interesting. This should be blasted to everyone on the forum just so they know how tight we are. It can certainly impact what happens with Staal. Perhaps even a handshake deal where they know the terms of the K, but don't actually sign until training camp opens up, due to these restrictions.

NOTE: My analysis comes from, which includes Byers, Voros, and Gilroy on the team.

Also, it's not official, but if you include MZA's K at say, $900k, it gets even tighter.

So, in the end, the Rangers are left with about $11.2m, if they were to exceed the cap by the allotted 10% until the season started.

Staal - $3 - $3.5m
MZA - $900k

That's $4.4m right there. Add Girardi, Prust, and possibly Christensen getting re-signed out of the RFA's. They need about $3.2m, and that's being generous. That makes it $7.6m, leaving $3.6m, INCLUDING the 10% overage. With that, we still need a backup, 1 more forward, and probably a 7th D.

Backup - $750k
Forward (Shelley?) - $750k
7th D - $800k

Those #'s leave $1.3m.

Reality check, folks.

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