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05-04-2010, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Chad_ View Post
Chicken, hopefully your sister makes it out just fine, and good thing on the flood insurance (so few around the country have flood or even water damage insurance). I cringe at the thought of FEMA doing anything productive and not just staying out of the way. Am I correct in interpreting your remarks to indicate your sister collected mugs of Goofy, the Disney character? It really is interesting to me what people collect and consider losses in a disaster such as this.
lol...yes you would be correct in that interpretation. Most of the description about my sister's house had been from an e-mail my mother sent and my mom is big on collections, she probably has about 300 elephants around her house. So yes I'm sure it sucked for my sister to lose the mugs but I'm sure my mom was the one who was more concerned with them. Luckily my sister had two floors so things that were really important had gotten moved upstairs, like the cedar chest my grandfather had made her and an afghan my grandmother had made. So my sister didn't really lose anything that a terrible loss. She did lose her wedding pics but my mom has copies of all of them. The biggest thing she was upset about was the scrapbooks, and she was very concerned for her husband's grandmother's china. My sister was very lucky and came through this as best as could possibly be hoped for in such a situation.

Kind of a funny note though my father had laid new laminate floors for her about 6 months ago. Well when the water was waist deep and they were being evacuated the boards were popping up, and she was trying to push them back down cause she felt so bad that my dad had done all this work and now it was gone. But on a good note now she will get new floors and have them professionally laid.

The whole thing is so surreal. I've already promised my fiance that we will stay in Dallas for my residency but Nashville is a place I would love to move to for my fellowship. The city is just so absolutely beautiful. Still just hard for me to wrap my head around what is going on.

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