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09-29-2003, 01:05 PM
Jeff from Maine
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I Disagree ThorntoNeely

To me, they had a CLEAR plan of puck movement by the d-men.

It was a personnel recognition philosophy. If Berard or Girard had the puck, the first option was to rush the puck. Any of the others tried to find a forward at a corner of their own blueline. Their main method in this regard was for say O`Donnell to hit Knuble with a pass to the blueline. Knubles first look is to Thornton, who is wheeling near center ice. The rush into the opposing zone is made by the center with an even space wing (Murray, in this case) and a trailing wing (Knuble for my purposes).

When Berard or Girard had the puck and was rushing, what I observed as the most frequent rushing style was this example. Berard rushed up the left side of the ice. The wing on the opposite side of the ice (right) wheels to the middle, with the center wheeling to the right and then following through to the circle or on through to the net, depending on the shakedown. The same side wing takes the trailer role.

In essence, you had a wide rusher in Berard, along with center slot and and right board crashers, in your off wing and center respectively. And the strongside wing drops to trail.

I may be off a bit, but thats pretty close if you ask me.

As far as this years style is concerned...I`m concerned.

Up to this point, there is little cohesiveness. I know Sully would like to get to a NJ state of mind, but you need INTELLIGENT, SELFLESS players to play an effective trap.

The trap is just about the only system that has to be a teamwide system. In other words, you can lock with 2 lines and play a heavy forecheck with your top line. But to be an effective trapping team, you need a teamwide committment to play that style. Yor defensemen have too much pressure on them to play a trap with some lines and a differnt style with another line or 2.

I am not sure that we have a high enough team "IQ" to make a trap work, just yet.

In time it can work, but as for now I just dont buy us as being ready.


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