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05-04-2010, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
does the captaincy, or the wearing of a letter, really mean that much? I would think in a group that small, everyone knows who the leaders are regardless of who wears a letter.

I can see where stripping a player of the C would make a statement about and directly to that one player, but do you really, honestly think shuffling the letters around will result in a single extra point in the standings?

Personally I think this is all just a nice little distraction but in the end it wouldnt matter if Smithson, goc and belak wore the letters...
I think it means a lot if and when the captain isn't giving it his all on the ice. It sends a bad message to the other guys, especially the young ones, that if he's not gonna bust his tail, why should we.

Lots of guys have different styles. Lidstrom and Niedermayer do it the quiet way, the lead by example on the ice and in their play. A guy like Doan steps up his physical play during the playoffs. Dustin Brown wasn't afraid to get his nose dirty.

I think two great examples are Messier and Yzerman. Granted, hall of famers but when Messier said they'd win, he elevated his game one more notch. Yzerman was playing with a bum knee one year, do you think anyone in that locker room was gonna give less than 100% when he was out there playing handicapped?

While I see your point and get it I think it means more than you stated. That's just me though.

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