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09-29-2003, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Evilo
I kind of agree.
I think they were thinking two things :
1/ He shuts down Columbus or is still standgin on his head. Then no question asked, sign him and start him..
No questions asked ? Because of 4 good pre-season games right ? Just making sure ...

Originally Posted by Evilo
2/ Or see him fail, and have a good reason for sending him back without looking like an ass to your fans.
Seeing him fail ? Because he allowed 5 goals he ... failed ? That one game now makes it reasonable in your eyes to send the kid down ? Something that was before totaly unthinkable ? What happens if next game he pulls a SO ?

Let's resume ...

4 good games = sure fire bet to play at least 10 games in the NHL ?

3 good games, 1 bad game (back-to-back) = he failed , send the kid down ?

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