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09-29-2003, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Modano = God
Forward depth

- DAL: While I feel the Avs top 6 is great, and their 3rd line isn't shabby either, the Stars simply have more toys to play with. They have a more diversed forward crop with no to few weaknesses.

- COL: Arguably the sweetest top 6 assembled during the last decade, a decent 3rd line but a horrible 4th. Lack grit and defensive forwards as well.
Dude, how hard is it to find 4th line players? I could urinate three 4th line players for you right now without even breaking a sweat. They'll probably pick up at least 2 at the deadline.

As good as Dallas's forward depth may be, the simple fact reminds that Colorado has 5 superstar players better than all but one player on the Stars (Dallas's only superstar forward, your namesake).

Now, I would easily say Dallas has top 5 forward depth, but Colorado's forward core is like a whole new world of greatness. These 5 guys could be individual stars on any team in the league playing 20+ minutes a game. Their forward core is simply head and shoulders above anyone elses.

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