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05-04-2010, 03:15 PM
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So I have a few questions about offseason training... specifically pertaining to amount of rest. If I'm on a weight training program, how many days a week should I be working out? I don't plan to weightlift more than 3x a week (lower body 2x a week, upper body 1x a week), but what do I do in between?

Suppose I do some weightlifting on Monday morning.... primarily for the lower body (hamstring curls, squats, lunges, etc). I'm doing these with the intent of fatiguing my muscles, in order to promote greater strength and muscle growth. Should I be doing any kind of cardio on the same day, or even the next day? Would it be harmful to go for a run on Monday night? Tuesday? How about hitting the ice for a good skate?

Typically I've always worked on cardio and skills all summer during the offseasons (which usually meant 4-6 days a week exercising) but I've found that over the past two years my durability has deteriorated, so I want to focus on strength for the summer. Just weightlifting 3x a week (and some swimming after finishing up w/ the weights) just doesn't seem like enough.

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