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05-04-2010, 03:57 PM
Everyone! PANIC!
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2004. I know the draft overall was weak but seriously that was our 'rebuilding' year. What a great year to rebuild in a weak ass draft.

Thelen was a major bust, Voloshenko got messed up, Olvecky was a plugger (and probably our best player from that draft), Stoner would have been good but he continually got injured, we gave up Ryan Jones for garbage, Bordeleau did squat, Sprunger wants nothing to do with our franchise, Sawyer did squat, Boogaard what a huge reach only because we had his brother, Rizk did squat, Khudobin is a decent goaltender but I don't know if he'll make it and Wilson never signed and he actually turned out to be a good player.

So we got 1 player out of 12 draft picks. And he's constantly injured. That was a bad, bad draft and pretty much killed the Wild.

2005 would have been worse if we didn't get something from Pouliot. But Kassian, Westblom, Bailey, Madsen, Aiello and Emmerson? That's 0 players.

2006 is better with Sheppard (heh), and Clutterbuck but Fiala (seriously, drafting a guy with that many medical red flags?), Mdevec, Hovinen, Walker and Hickey? UGH!

Brutal drafting in 3 years.

I think we got 1 quality player, we were lucky to trade another one off...and...then...uh crap.

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