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05-04-2010, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
I don't care to prove my opinion.
... I know that! Because you can't really do it.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
You don't have to do anything, my point was that I'm not convinced. ANd I wasn't making any point other than that those stats are not enough for me to say Halpern is bad on the PK.
... Who was worse than him? Which forward was worse than Halpern on the PK? You tell me.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Again, from my seats, I saw Halpern blocking shots and making nice clearing plays.
... When? Do you remember? That's why people bother to write it down and keep track of it.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
I don't know why those goals against were scored.
... I know you don't.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Singling out Halpern in that regard is lame.
... Again, the quote was he was one of the Kings' BEST PK'ers. Mine was that he was one of the worst. You say he "proved his worth" ... how? By skating off the ice after another PP goal was scored by the Canucks? By losing faceoffs? By being passed over for faceoffs on the PK in favor of Stoll and Handzus?

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
This is where I have a problem. Halpern driving the figure down is a biased assumption on your part.
... What was he doing, then? Driving it UP? Improving it? Keeping it the same?

It's pretty convenient to say statistics mean nothing if you don't agree with them, isn't it? Then you can go and say things like "from my seats", implying that those who don't agree with you didn't watch the game, also convenient.

Two of the Canucks PP goals were scored by defensemen in the series; both in game 4. One of them, Ehrhoff's goal, was scored after he had a huge amount of space to take his time, creep in, and score. Do you know who was originally in that space? Halpern was. He vacated that spot to drift toward the left wing boards as the puck was sent around, but couldn't get there in time and was stuck in no-man's land. The puck was sent back to Ehrhoff and Halpern was too far away to get back to him. Who do you put that goal against on, except for Halpern? That's just one goal I actually went back and checked on.

The point is that beyond that one goal, what did he do to prevent the others? He may not have been THE player most responsible for the other goals against, but did he do anything positive there? Who did worse up front on the PK than Halpern did? You can say that the numbers don't always tell the story -- and of course they do not -- but if you're gonna go against them, what's your case? "From my seats, Halpern showed his worth, and I don't care to prove my opinion"? Yeah, OK man, whatever you say there.

Speaking of things that are convenient, it's also funny that LBFF has me on ignore because that way he can freely make stuff up and never be called out on it; that's awesome. Just thought I would drop that in too.

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