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Originally Posted by MemphisHockeyFan View Post
Wow, I totally did not consider the fact that many are without flood insurance . I will give what I can and encourage others.
I remember checking into flood insurance about 10 years ago, so this is based on memory.

I checked into it because we back up to the Harpeth River. Our house is not in the 100 year flood plain. To get flood insurance without being in the flood plain is extremely cost prohibitive and hard to get.

So, most people won't have it. So many of the areas that flooded aren't even in the 100 year flood plain.

And most insurance companies will NOT cover water that bubbles up into your house for any reason whatsoever..........(We know this from past experience)
At our house there was a river running under the house and being forced out wherever there was a crack in the foundation whatsoever. We have an extensive sump pump plan under the house and it caught most of it. (but you have to have electricity) However a crack by the garage poured water down the driveway like a river.
It is this kind of water pressure from water saturated ground that flooded the Bridge.

So I would guess that 98% of homeowners will not have any insurance coverage whatsoever. just guessing.

I don't know anything about insurance in the commercial sector. (like the Preds)


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